Remodeling Services

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Protect your employees and customers!

Oak Construction, a trusted South Florida General Contractor for 40 years, is offering COVID-19 remodeling and renovation services to reconfigure your business to re-open and be ready for the new business environment we now live in.

Please reach out to schedule a teleconference on how we can support your efforts in revitalizing your business and our world.

Available for Airports, Banks, Emergency Response, Gyms, Office Buildings, Pharmacies, Residential Buildings, Restaurants, Schools and Daycares, Shopping Centers, Supermarkets, and all Business Owners

Air Quality Purification

We provide Evap-Fresh evaporator coil treatments to service your business. Evap-Fresh is EPA registered for use on HVAC systems and is listed on the EPA's Registered Antimicrobial Products for use against Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19.

We provide UV Air Purification system installations for the air handlers at your business. By inactivating airborne pathogens and microorganisms, they reduce indoor air pollutants.

We provide existing air filtration enhancements by replacing your standard pleated air filters with MERV 13 rated pleated air filters. With increased surface area, higher filtration can remove pathogens, viruses and bacteria from the air.

Plexiglass Partitions

We provide customizable freestanding countertop plexiglass shields to protect areas that employees and customers interact from infectious droplets due to coughing or sneezing.

These are easily cleaned, transparent for ease in visibility, and lightweight.

There is no size or structure shape limitations to what we can provide for your place of business.

Signage and Graphics for Self-distancing

We provide both temporary signage and more permanent safety options ranging from directional signage, hygiene procedures, signs related to curbside pick-up and social distancing.

Use these signs to help communicate the operational changes of your business to team members and customers.

Signage and graphics are fully customizable in sign type and installation method.

Wellness Stations

We provide services in installing wellness stations to have patrons and employees sanitize their hands, UV sanitize their phones and other small objects, and become educated on preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Sanitation Stations can also be utilized to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) to your customers and staff.

We provide upgrades to your existing sink and toilet fixtures and accessories such as touch-free flushing and water faucets.

TempCheck Screens

We provide services in installing touch-free temperature checking scanners in your place of business for entry screening and security to ensure a safe work environment.

Each screen is equipped with infrared sensors that can detect body temperature within 3 seconds at a distance of approximately 3 feet.

Deep Cleaning

Reduce the risk of spreading infection by cleaning and disinfecting your facilities with EPA-registered disinfectants to kill germs on surfaces.


Construction Services


Planning is the key to any successful construction project and the preconstruction phase is when major decisions are made that have a significant impact on quality, schedule, and cost. Having an established construction firm involved at this stage of your project incorporates construction expertise at a time when it is most useful.

Oak Construction’s approach during Pre-Construction is to understand the client’s needs and make informed decisions in order to achieve a seamless transition from the design phase to the project site.

Oak Constrictions pre-construction experts are skilled in developing creative, value-driven alternatives that maintain design, performance and aesthetic objectives while also considering constructability, life-time maintenance and operations, and sustainability.

General Contracting

Oak Construction is a full-service general contractor that has the knowledge and the experience to customize a solution to meet the specific needs of your project.

We understand that effective coordination of job sites and strong relationships with subcontractors and other partners are critical to delivering a project efficiently, seamlessly, and without scope changes or change orders during the building process.

By utilizing accurate estimating procedures, maintaining budgets, running efficient and organized jobsites, and working with an extensive network of reliable, quality subcontractors and suppliers, our general contracting teams continually deliver quality construction projects on time and on budget.


Oak Construction takes great pride in maintaining solid client relationships well beyond owner-occupancy and we realize that a project isn’t complete just because the construction phase is done. Our experience and proficiency in post-construction services helps ensure a successful handoff of your building and provides you the confidence of owning and operating a sustainable facility.

Construction Consulting

The experts at Oak Construction possess decades of engineering and construction experience and apply this knowledge to the everyday challenges that owners, contractors, engineers, and architects face throughout the construction process. Whether it is project scheduling, estimating, logistics, constructability reviews, or full-service project management, we will work with you to match your needs with solutions that will provide the best results for your project.

Working collaboratively with your team, our professional consultants focus on identifying and minimizing project risks. Using a partnering approach, we provide input and advice that can potentially reduce your project’s delivery schedule, increase operating efficiencies, and allow for an overall savings in time and cost, helping to ensure that the vision for your project is executed flawlessly.

Project Delivery

Regardless of the delivery method your project may require, experienced professionals, exceptional communication, full team integration, and a commitment to working collaboratively with all parties involved are essential for the successful completion of any building project.

Working with some of the most respected architects, engineers, and construction professionals in the industry, Oak Construction consistently assembles teams that are appropriate for your specific job requirements and has extensive experience working successfully within a number of project delivery methods.

Project Management

Having an established construction firm involved in the early stages of your project incorporates construction expertise at a time when it is most useful. Serving as a Construction Manager as Agent, Oak Construction will work collaboratively with your architects and engineers during the planning and design phase, with a focus on identifying constructability issues and offering value engineering suggestions.

Using a partnering approach, we provide input and advice regarding cost estimates, scheduling, construction methods and feasibility.

As your project moves to the construction phase, Oak Construction can oversee the evaluation and selection of the general contractor or subcontractors, helping to secure experienced, qualified firms with proven performance records for completion of the job.

If your project requires a Construction Manager at Risk, Oak Construction can also serve as the general contractor responsible for building your project. As the single point of responsibility for the construction phase, we will coordinate all subcontractor bids and assure completion of the project at a guaranteed maximum price.


While there are tremendous advantages to involving a construction firm early on in the planning and design process, the more traditional design-bid-build delivery method is often necessary for many projects. The management skill and experience of the estimating and pre-construction personnel at Oak Construction has allowed us to consistently deliver successful design-bid-build projects on budget and on time.

We maintain the same fundamental approach for every job:

  • Produce an accurate original bid
  • Employ qualified subcontractors and suppliers
  • Take responsibility for every project

Our goal is to deliver your construction project efficiently, seamlessly, and without scope changes or change orders during the building process. We achieve this by utilizing accurate estimating procedures, maintaining budgets, running efficient and organized job sites, and working with an extensive network of reliable, quality subcontractors and suppliers.

Building Green

Oak Construction has been an active member in the USGBC (US Green Building Council) since 2007. Oak leadership Charles Medrano (President), Forrest Aylor (Vice President), and David Roland (Senior Project Manager) are all LEED Accredited Professionals with Building/Design & Construction Accreditations.

In 2016 Oak completed the construction of the first ever CVS in the State of Florida to receive LEED Accreditation. The project received LEED Silver Status and was built in Hallandale Beach, Florida.

The construction of TD Bank in Stuart, Florida was also LEED Certified project completed by Oak Construction.

As a company Oak encourages progress in the industry to build in a more sustainable manner and reduce overall energy consumption. Looking forward to future we are excited to work towards new developments and techniques in building that can overall reduce impacts on the environment.


Delivering a safe project starts long before the first worker sets foot on a construction site and goes well beyond wearing safety glasses and hard hats on the job. Oak Construction has made it a priority to create a culture where safety always comes first and has invested significant time, resources and money to ensure that every job site is safe for our employees, subcontractors and suppliers.

Through proper planning and training, employee empowerment, constant vigilance, and consistent enforcement, our safety program has yielded an impeccable performance record with an Experience Modification Rate (EMR), Incident Ratio, and Injury Rates that are well below industry standards. Oak Construction is committed to safety and, to us, no project is successful unless it is built safely.